Necessity is the mother of invention, and I am the mother of too many children!

There is much truth in that statement. When I started tie dyeing as a hobby, I had 5 kids under 5. And, 3 of them came at once! Tie dye was a creative outlet for my motherly angst, and it made me happy. When my two oldest daughters began dyeing with me every Spring, that made me happier.

Fast forward a few years... after years of tie dyeing with my girls, a friend suggested sharing our vibrant hobby with the world. We launched 5 kids + dyeing to bring some brightness into your wardrobe and hopefully, make you smile a little more when you wear our designs. 

Tie dye makes us happy, and we hope it will make you happy too!

All items are hand dyed based by me and sometimes, some of my 5 kids. (Although, now, they’re too busy for me!) We can create almost anything you'd like, so if there is something custom you'd like for us to do, please reach out at hello@5kidsanddyeing or use contact form below. We can't wait to hear from you!

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